“There is no greater pain than carrying an untold story inside of you”

 – Maya Angelou

Psychotherapy - Information for You

You are considering to start psychotherapy? That means you have already taken your first step! From here on you are not alone with your problems anymore. Even if it doesn’t always feel like it – there is a way!

Everybody can reach a point in their life, where everything seems hopeless, where you feel like you are caught between a rock and a hard place and can’t find a way out. For example, the following problems:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • sorrows and nervousness
  • sleep problems and chronic pains
  • addiction (substances and behaviour)
  • relationship trouble

can affect anyone. You do not have to suffer through these difficult times alone. I support you and will be at your side. Together we follow your topics and themes to reveal old habits and dynamics, and then work towards changing them in the here and now.

I offer psychotherapy in native english fluency, so you can feel fully understood .

For whom is psychotherapy suitable?

Consider the following analogy. If you have a physical ailment or a persisting symptom, you most likely would consult a physician to take care of it in an optimal and professional way. Same thing goes with the psyche. Psychotherapy can help you to live your life in the way you want to. It can give you new insights and energy, open new perspectives and show you new ways to a self-determined, happier life.

However, it is also possible without psychological suffering or a diagnosable illness to reap benefits from psychotherapy. It aides your personal development, your self-awareness and your ability to question your beliefs and habits. The founder of Gestalt Therapy himself said that psychotherapy is too precious to be only available to the severely suffering.

They ways of emotional and psychological development and well-being are manifold, and open to you. Psychotherapy is useful across many ages, since different stages of life bring with them different challenges and hurdles. More about my method of working and my special focuses you can find here.

My Practices:
Psychotherapy 1010
Psychotherapy 1130

The most important factor in a successful psychotherapy – the therapeutic relationship

Modern Psychotherapy research has found that the most influential factor in determining the success of psychotherapy is the relationship between client and therapist. It is important that you feel valued, understood and good in the presence of your therapist and enabled to open up about your emotions and thoughts. The level of openness and honesty are a key criteria for good therapy.

Sometimes it takes time for a relationship to evolve (especially if relationships are a tough topic) and that is completely fine. You are, as my client, the focus of my work. Starting from your current situation, we will be working on solutions, adjustments and the finding of new perspectives for your future.

This journey might take us back into your past to work on the grounds of some topics – but it doesn’t have to. The starting point is always what is happening in your life right now.

The unveiling and dealing with difficult emotions, memories and hurdles can be a very beautiful and rewarding process – but it can also be challenging and sometimes painful. Psychotherapy takes the courage to enter into this process.


„If you want things in your life to change, you need to be willing to change things in your life.“



The First Session

I offer first sessions in the duration of 45minutes. These are supposed to be a first introduction into what psychotherapy can aid you with and to give you a glimpse into how working with me would be for you. Here is your place to ask questions and express your wishes and goals for our work together as well as a first psychotherapeutical assesment of what brought you here and in what ways we can work together.

Since in this first session - as well as in any other session - you get my full psychptherapeutical expertise, competence and attention this session will be charged, which is to be paid in cash.


Currently I do not have a contract signed with the Austrian health insurance providers and work exclusively on the basis of a private fee. This means you will not be fully nor partially reimbursed from your health care provider. This has the effect, that many find comforting, that your information and the fact that you are in therapy as well as an eventual diagnoses will not be told to your health care provider and will have no effect on your personal future or career. This enables maximum privacy for you and whatever content you would like to share. Also due to this I don't have long waiting periods to get a first appointment.

The fee is to be paid in cash at the beginning of the session.


Usually I work once a week, on a 45-min basis. Double sessions or changes in frequency are possible, as well as working every second week. This will be decided at the first session.

Skype Counselling

I offer counselling over skype, exclusively or in addition to face-to-face settings. In this case payments need to be made over PayPal before the sessions. The frequency, fee and duration is the same as in settings face-to-face.


Confidentiality is a very important key factor in psychotherapy that I strongly agree with. I hold the professional oath of discretion very high and agree wholly with its principles.

Following paragraph 15 of the Austrian law for psychotherapy I am legally bound to medical confidentiality concerning yourself and everything you say in therapy. Even if your family member, relatives, lawyer or doctor would ask about you I am not allowed to give any information about you.

Only your personal consent – written or oral – can allow for certain parts of the therapy to be discussed with others. This is important if you also see a psychiatrist or neurologist as a way of working together to find the best treatment options for you.

End of Therapy

Ending the therapy is possible at all times. In this case it is important to schedule a last „closing“ session to end the treatment in a good, wholesome way for you.


Cancellation Policy

Less than 48 hours prior to the session

Booked sessions must be cancelled at the latest 48 hours in advanced of the starting time of the scheduled session. If the session is not cancelled within 48 hours of the starting time, then the entire session will be invoiced at the normal agreed upon rate for the arranged duration. If it is possible to move the session to another free time on the same day (provided I have a free space at a suitable time), this can be done without further cost.

More than 48 hours before the session

Frequent cancellations and rescheduling mean an investment for me in terms time or money (as sometimes I am not able to fill a time slot I had previously held for you). I fully understand that the demands of modern life can mean that cancellations or rescheduling are often unavoidable. However there is a limit on the amount of flexibility that I can offer free of charge.

I am prepared therefore to carry the costs for rescheduling any given session up to two times. As of the third request in a row to reschedule the same session (so there was no new session in between) I will charge an admin fee of €30 per rescheduling request.