Psychotherapy 1130, Vienna, Hietzing

Psychotherapeutical Practice in 1130 Vienna, Hietzing

Psychotherapy is a secure, stable place in which you can embark on your journey towards your goal with awareness and care. It is important to take time for this, which is not easy in our stressful, fast-paced times. That’s why I chose to work in two separate practices for Psychotherapy, Couple Therapy and Coaching in 1010 and 1130 Wien. This makes it possible for you to pick the nearest praxis to your home or work and thereby save valuable time and energy. You may pick whichever praxis is more convenient for you.

Anna M. Binder-KitaPsychotherapy

As my client you are the focus of my work. Each and every one of us experiences challenges and hurdles in their lifetime. In many cases you can overcome these alone.

Sometimes, however, the pressure gets too high and the themes and topics so complex that it becomes impossible to endure these times alone. If you are considering to find professional support and try psychotherapy, you already took the first step! From here on out you are not alone with your problems anymore.

Let me give you an example. If you are physically ill, have a cough or pain you will most likely seek the advice of a physician. The same principles should apply to the psyche– sometimes it is advisable to seek professional help. I can support you to find new perspectives and gain fresh strengths to face and change your current challenges and build a better, happier life.

More Information about Psychotherapy you will find here.

If you want to know what Method of work I am specialised in, click here.

1130 Vienna, Hietzing - the Practice in the Outskirts

You may reach the Praxis with the following public transportation:

  • U-Bahn U4, Station Hietzing
  • Straßenbahnlinie 60, 10
  • Buslinien 56A, 51A, 56B, 


A big plus of the Praxis in 1130 Vienna is, that it is not only easy to reach and in a very beautiful, calm area but also that it covers a big area of the southwest of Vienna. The Districts 1120, 1130, 1140, 1150 Wien and 1230 Wien are all easily reachable through public transport or by car. Since the Praxis is only a mere 10 Minutes walking distance from the U-Bahn it is very easy to reach it via public transport. Also entering Vienna from the West Highway you may very quickly reach my praxis in 1130 Vienna.


For Parking in 1130 you will need parking tickets. However, there is quite little parking spaces in general in the Center of the 13th District, which is why I would recommend parking in a parking garage close by the praxis.


 Sadly, this Praxis is not suitable for wheelchair users. If interested I can gladly refer you to other competent colleagues, whose Praxis’s are suitable for wheelchairs.

The area around the Trauttmansdorffgasse is very beautiful, varied and quaint. It has a historic centre that combines the business of a big city with the quiet charm of a small village center. Only minutes from the Praxis many restaurants and cafés are located, as well as small boutiques to make your or your companion’s waiting time (if you are bringing someone with you) as enjoyable as possible.

Approximately 7 Minutes by foot from the Praxis is the famous Schönbrunn Park with all it’s amenities. However, of course there is also a waiting area inside the Praxis.


  • Psychotherapie 1130 Wien Hietzing
  • Psychotherapie 1130 Wien Hietzing
  • Psychotherapie 1130 Wien Hietzing
  • Psychotherapie 1130 Wien Hietzing
  • Psychotherapie 1130 Wien Hietzing
  • Psychotherapie 1130 Wien Hietzing

Psychotherapy Practice in 1130 Vienna, Hietzing