Integrative Gestalttherapy - My working Method

There are more the 20 different methods of psychotherapy being taught and practiced in Austria as of now. I have specialised in the Integrative Gestalttherapy, that was founded in the 1960s by Fritz and Laura Perls as well as Paul Goodman. This method is famous for its high effectiveness and its focus in the Here and Now. It is being taught internationally and has proven its usefulness in many scientific studies and years of research.

What is the Integrative Gestalttherapy?

Gestalttherapy focuses on 3 basic questions of life:

  • Who am I?
  • What do I want?
  • How do I feel about who I am and what I want?

These questions mark the beginning of your journey into your psyche. Along this journey you will get to experience and see new sides of you and try new behaviours. You will acquire new perspectives and find new ways of expressing yourself.

The main focus of our work will be your life today and how your past and biography has led you to this point in time. Topics of the past, that weren't dealt with properly tend to come up in our everyday lives and stop us from experiencing life fully. So in the Integrative Gestalttherapy we believe in starting in the Here and Now and make our way to the Then and There - if necessary. This gives you a new chance to deal with your past as well as changing your present and building your future.

My Personal take on Psychotherapy

In my daily work I sometimes come across people that view others like "walking symptoms" that need to be healed. Many people even see themselves this way.

I find this view of others to be very limiting. I am fully convinced that you, if you have found your way to see a therapist, already carry within you the solutions to the troubles you are facing. Our work will be to find those solutions and mold them in a way that applies to your life. I have never met a single person whose flaws and troubles outweighed their strengths and capabilities.

So in my sessions there is space for quiet observation and self-assessment as well as for humour, compassion, creativity and shared work toward your personal goal.

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