Native English Psychotherapy in Vienna

Psychotherapy and Coaching in Native English

As my client you are the focus of my work.

Each and every one of us experiences challenges and hurdles in their lifetime. In many cases you can overcome these alone, sometimes, however, the pressure gets too high and the themes and topics so complex that it becomes impossible to endure these times alone. If you are considering to find professional support and try psychotherapy, you already took the first step! From here on out you are not alone with your problems anymore. Anna M. Binder-Kita, Native English Psychotherapy in Vienna

If you have a physical ailment, have a cough or pain you will most likely seek the advice of a physician. The same principles should apply to the psyche– sometimes it is advisable to seek professional help. I can support you to find new perspectives and gain fresh strengths to face and change your current challenges and build a better, happier life.

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Why Native English Psychotherapy or Coaching?

A key factor in sucessful therapy, as well as coaching and other methods of counselling is the therapeutic relationship. You should feel well understood and thoroughly heard by your therapist. This is not always an easy task, especially in a foreign, non-majorally english speaking country. That is why i decided to offer my services as a native english speaking Psychotherapist to international clients both in person in Vienna and Online.

A language barrier should be the last thing standing between you and your way into a better, happier life. Thats why I put a lot of importance into attending my schooling as a therapist in both of my native languages, german and english. Not only did I  spend a lot of my time growing up in an english speaking part of the world and have a personal connection to english expression, but I also have a solid english academic foundation through my education.

The entirety of my academic career has been equally divided between german and english, as well as my current scientific and academic works. This garantees you the highest standards of understanding and current scientific methods of psychotherapy when working with me.

My services are culturally sensitive and account the special challenges faced by internationals and expats living in Austria.

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