“He, who fights against future, has a dangerous enemy.”
- S. A. Kierkegaard

Coaching - Information for You

Coaching, as opposed to Psychotherapy, is focusing on very clearly defined areas of your life and everyday experience. These are for example:

  • career changes
  • stressful situations
  • personal changes in your life
  • choosing your work and study field
  • finishing a degree or study
  • embarking into the working force

With coaching you specifically decide on which topics you want to work, to what degree and for how long. Coaching is also usually shorter in time and only stretches over a specific number of hours. It ends as soon as your set goals are sufficiently met.

coffee mug and notepad

Through a detailed analysis of your current situation I form a picture of the context of your current challenges and put these – using your personal experience and my therapeutic background – in relation to your life and goals. This process makes the challenges you face better understandable and creates a distance from which you can see things clearer. This allows us to form the right questions and find concrete solutions. Positive reframing and clear solutions focus allows me to best support you in finding new approaches that make it possible to reach your goals one step at a time. The time frame here is up to you.

How can I help you?

I work with individuals as well as teams, where I focus on the underlying dynamics of groups that often cause challenges and difficulties.

A particular focus of my coaching work are students at various parts of their studies: finding a suitable field and interest, planning your courses and personal life, as well as eventually finishing your studies and embarking into the work force.

Coaching Sessions last 45 Minutes, Double Sessions 90 Minutes.

Cancellation Policy

Less than 48 hours prior to the session

Booked sessions must be cancelled at the latest 48 hours in advance of the starting time of the scheduled session. If the session is not cancelled within 48 hours of the starting time, then the entire session will be invoiced at the normal agreed upon rate for the arranged duration. If it is possible to move the session to another free time on the same day (provided I have a free space at a suitable time), this can be done without further cost.

More than 48 hours before the session

Frequent cancellations and rescheduling mean an investment for me in terms time or money (as sometimes I am not able to fill a time slot I had previously held for you). I fully understand that the demands of modern life can mean that cancellations or rescheduling are often unavoidable. However there is a limit on the amount of flexibility that I can offer free of charge.

I am prepared therefore to carry the costs for rescheduling any given session up to two times. As of the third request in a row to reschedule the same session (so there was no new session in between) I will charge an admin fee of €30 per rescheduling request.