Mag. Anna M. Binder-Kita - About Me

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The most important part in choosing your psychotherapist is that you feel comfortable and understood. Therapy is supposed to be a place in which you feel like you can safely open up and really be your innermost self. A positive and trusting relationship with your therapist is one of the most important basis of successful therapy.

This is why I offer first interviews, duration of 45 minutes, to get a first glimpse of how working with me would be for you. Here is your place to ask questions and express your wishes for our work together. First interviews have no strings attached - you can try it, and have the free choice to continue working with me or search further. Here you can contact me for a first interview.

I offer you an open, non-judgemental attitude as well as empathy and respect for you as a person and your life experiences. Want to know more about how I work? Click here.

I spent large parts of my formative years abroad. Due to this and the fact that a lot of my academic training and therapeutic work wasand is conducted in english, I offer Psychotherapy, Couples Therapy and Coaching in native english fluency.


  • PhD Programm of Psychotherapyscience at SFU Vienna
  • Study of Psychotherapyscience at the Sigmund Freud Privateuniversity
  • Multiple years of training and specialisation in Integrative Gestalt therapy at the IG Wien
  • Further education and specialisation in Geronto-Psychotherapy, Psychosomatic, Trauma und Eating Disorders, as well as multi-thematic courses
  • Member of the Austrian Psychotherapy Association (VÖPP)
  • Multiple years of working at the Adult Outpatient Psychotherapy Clinic of the Sigmund Freud Private University
  • Clinical Internship at the Maimonides-Centre (Geronto-psychotherapeutic field) 
    Specialized Internship as counsellor at Jung und Alt (Geronto-psychotherapeutic field)
  • Internship at the Adult Outpatient Psychotherapy Clinic of the Sigmund Freud Private University
  • Internship at the Children and Teenager Outpatient Psychotherapy Clinic of the Sigmund Freud Private University
  • Rorschach personality assessment interview training – Private Specialisation taught by Univ. Prof. Dr. Sindelar
  • Working as a Group-Counsellor as part of the “Class-Coach” project lead by Dr. Stephenson
  • Study of Philosophy at the University of Vienna, Bachelor of Arts

Certified Advanced Educational Programs

  • NLP-Practitioner
  • Nutrional Counsellor
  • Psychosocial Counsellor for Seniors

 Working Fields

  • Psychotherapy in clinical Praxis in 1010 Vienna und 1130 Vienna
  • District Psychotherapy Representative of 1010 Vienna and 1130 Vienna, VÖPP
  • Psychotherapeutic Outpatient Clinic, Salztorgasse 5, 1010 Vienna
  • Counsellor at Jung und Alt
  • Psychotherapy researcher at the Sigmund Freud Private University Wien
  • Leading and hosting multi-thematical Group therapies

“It is in unstable times that you will recognize a stable friend.”

- Marcus Tullius Cicero

  • Anna M. Binder-Kita
  • Anna M. Binder-Kita
  • Anna M. Binder-Kita, Native English Psychotherapy in Vienna

"The Greatest Obstacle to Discovery is Not Ignorance – It Is the Illusion of Knowledge.”

-Enrico Ferm

Psyche and Science

As a psychotherapyscience researcher as well as psychotherapist I hold myself to a high standard of being up-to-date with current developments of science and psychology in my field. I present psychotherapy to you on a current and scientifically accurate level of expertise. Ongoing further education, supervision as well as scientific research are an important part of my work – guaranteeing you a high-quality service.


As your Psychotherapist I do take partial responsibility for you. Working with another person’s psyche on a very immediate level takes a lot of care and specialised knowledge. The Integrative Gestalt therapy is a humanistic method, which means that I believe that you carry the solution to your problem already within you – it is just a matter of finding it. Unveiling different layers of experience and memories can be a very rewarding, beautiful process. However, it can also at times be painful and difficult and even seasoned therapists sometimes face challenges with their work.

That’s why it is very important for me to regularly attend further education and additional courses throughout my practicing years. There I find additional perspectives and input in how to best approach any situation and hurdle that may arise. Thereby my work is not limited to only my own therapeutic competence, but also the scientific knowledge and experience derived from continuous further education and reflection.

For you this means that you have both the expertise of years of experience as well as current developments in Science and Research at your disposal, ensuring the best possible treatment.