Couples Therapy in 1010 and 1130 Vienna

Couples Therapy - Staying or Leaving?

Are you and your partner at a point in your relationship where the direction is at a turning point? Where the question, whether to stay or to leave is a constant reminder that something is amiss?

As a partner or spouse, you might be faced with many challenges, such as:

  • time management and a shared everyday life
  • romance and sexuality
  • fidelity and infidelity
  • family planning and raising children
  • expectations for the future

In the face of such an array of challenges it is completely normal that couples sometimes go through hardships and tough times. Ideally the good and the rough times keep a balance and the good times prevail.

But that’s not always how it is. Problems get more pervasive, conversations more problematic, conflicts and stress burden the relationship. Maybe you have already reached the point that threatens most relationships “Should I stay or should I go?
Psychotherapy can give a stable, safe space to meet one another in a respectful, open and equal way.

Every Couples is different

“Every Person is worth a novel”, says a common proverb. Same goes for every couple. General advice or manuals often fail faced with the complexity and individuality that every partnership brings. Well-meaning ideas and advice that work “usually” or “in most cases” don’t seem to help. A successful couple therapy needs to be custom made for you and the situation with your partner. Everything else will only fall short.

“Sorrow can be carried alone. But for happiness it does take two people.”

- Elbert Hubbard

When is Couple Therapy useful?

There is no “perfect” point at which to go to couple therapy. Whether you are only together since shortly or whether you have been together for many years – if feelings of hopelessness and frustration prevail, then it is time to take action. It’s time to decide: Do I stay or do I go?

In both cases I can support you. Even if in case of an upcoming separation there is the possibility to find a good end for both partners, that will cause as little pain and heartbreak as possible. Here the focus is to respectfully, and with support from a third party, untangle and break from the partnership. This is especially important if there are children involved. In these instances, and more, couple therapy can help.

Usually it is required that both partners come to couple therapy. I, as your therapist will provide a safe space in which difficult topics can be addressed openly and without fear of rejection and misunderstanding. You can feel heard and understood again.

Which Couples can come to Couples Therapy?

I work with couples of every age, sexual orientation, and gender. I have also experience working with polyamorous couples, where different topics and problems arise.

Couples Therapy is as individual as you are!

I put a special focus on working with international couples, where differences or cultural and ethnic background as well as language differences might play an important role.

Couples therapy in 1010 Vienna, Center

Here you can find my Psychotherapeutic Practices in 1010 Vienna. You may choose whichever location is more suitable for you.

Couples therapy in 1130 Vienna, Hietzing

Here you can find my Psychotherapuetic Practice in 1130 Vienna. You may choose whichever location is more suitable for you.


"Repair attempts are a secret weapon of emotionally intelligent couples."

- John Gottmann, Ph.D.

Framework and Conditions

Couple Sessions usually last 90 Minutes and are generally set every 2-3 weeks.

The first contact should happen in the knowledge of both partners. If necessary I also offer individual sessions with you and your partner, as well as mutual sessions. Especially with couples of different cultural backgrounds I have found it adviseable to work both on a one-on-one as well as on a couple basis.

If you have any more questions regarding the process, I am happy to answer them via Mail or Phone Call. Contact me here.

Skype Counselling

I offer couple counselling over skype, exclusively or in addition to face-to-face settings. In this case payment needs to be made over PayPal before the session. The frequency, fee and duration are the same as in settings face-to-face.

Cancellation Policy

Less than 48 hours prior to the session

Booked sessions must be cancelled at the latest 48 hours in advanced of the agreed time. If the session is not cancelled within 48 hours of the starting time of the session, then the session will be invoiced at the normal rate for the arranged duration. If it is possible to move the session to another free time on the same day (provided I have a free space at a suitable time), this can be done without further cost.

More than 48 hours before the session

Frequent cancellations and rescheduling mean an investment for me in terms time or money (as sometimes I am not able to fill a time slot I had previously held for you). I fully understand that the demands of modern life can mean that cancellations or rescheduling are often unavoidable. However there is a limit on the amount of flexibility that I can offer free of charge.

I am prepared therefore to carry the costs for rescheduling any given session up to two times. As of the third request in a row to reschedule the same session (so there was no new session in between) I will charge an admin fee of €30 per rescheduling request.