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About Inviseda

In Viam Se Dare  - starting on the Way

My fundamental grasp of psychotherapy is that it is structured like a journey. A journey that, regardless of its length, starts with a first step. This step can be taken with full vigor and conviction, hesitatingly or even a bit worried and scared. The only thing that matters is that you take it.

The journey into your inner experience has, not unlike your real life, many twists, hights, depths, soft rises and sometimes steep cliffs. Like real life, this journey should not be embarked on alone. I am looking forward to accompanying you on your personal journey, to smooth over the depths, be by your side at the heights and to reach your goal together.

Inviseda (An acronym of the latin “in viam se dare”), stands for embarking on this journey, to give it your all and to master it step by step.

-Your Mag. Anna M. Binder-Kita