Native English Couples Therapy in Vienna

Couples Therapy and Counselling in Native English Language

What makes for a succesful Couples Therapy?

One of the main factors is having the space and environment necessary to talk openly about what you wish to change or alter in the relationship. The openness required to reveal your thoughts and hopes to the other person is not easily achieved - here is where I can help you through creating the necessary surroundings and guidance to go through your hurdles and challenges one by one.

However, one key factor here is language. It is important that both you and your partner feel fully understood and heard in whatever challenges you want to deal with. A language barrier should be the last thing standing between you and a solution to your relationship topics.

This is why I, as a native english speaking individual and couples psychotherapist, have specialised in working with non-native german couples.

Why Couples Therapy and Counselling in Native English?

Keeping Cultural Backgrounds in Mind

I see many couples from different cultural backgrounds, that have either met in Austria or abroad and moved here together for work or personal reasons. These couples, while being able to draw from a mulitude of rich experiences and points of view, sometimes find their differences to be bigger than couples from the same cultural background.
Arguments like the following:

 "If I say that we meet at 8pm, I expect you to be puncutal - that is 5 min earlier!" "8.10 is still punctual enough - will you relax?"

can create distance and misunderstandings where there needn't be any. Keeping backgrounds and upbringing in mind is a key factor in working with multi-national couples.

Seeing Differences and Similarities

When working with me, you can count on my experience as a an english native speaker and international psychotherapist that keeps these important factors in mind and sees you as the one-of-a-kind couple that you are.

“Every Person is worth a novel”, says a common proverb. Same goes for every couple. General advice or manuals often fail faced with the complexity and individuality that every partnership brings. Well-meaning ideas and advice that work “usually” or “in most cases” don’t seem to help. A successful couple therapy needs to be custom made for you and your situation with your partner. Everything else will only fall short.

Which Couples can come to Couples Therapy?

I work with couples of every age, sexual orientation, and gender. I have also experience working with polyamorous couples, where different topics and problems arise.