Practice Wipplingerstraße

I currently work in two practices in the 1st district. These two are located at Wipplingerstraße and Herrengasse (About 5 min walking distance from each other). If you are interested in the practice Herrengasse click here.

The practice in Wipplingerstraße is in one of the most prestigious areas directly located at the historic center of Vienna. At the end of this page you will find the gallery.

Through the main entrance of the Wipplingerstrasse you will reach the Praxis on the second floor. There is a direct, beautiful view unto the Judenplatz and the Saint Stephen’s Church over the rooftops of Vienna the Praxis in the 1010 district. By foot you can reach the Hohe Markt area, as well as the lovely Rudolfsplatz and the Kärnterstraße as well as all other amenities of the Inner City.

You may reach the Praxis with the following public transportation:

  • U-Bahn U1, U4, U2
  • Straßenbahnlinie 1
  • Bus 2A

For Parking in this are you will need parking tickets. However, there is very little parking spaces in general in the Center of the First District, which is why I would recommend parking in a parking garage close by the praxis. Sadly, this Praxis is not suitable for wheelchair users. If interested I can gladly refer you to other competent colleagues, whose Praxis’s are suitable for wheelchairs.

Nearby the Praxis there are many Restaurants and Cafés to make your waiting time or your companion’s (if someone is joining you) as enjoyable as possible.



Wipplingerstraße 13/10

"Systemisches Institut"